School Counselor

  • Mrs. Cara McGregor
    216-676-4334 x 8548
    Thank you for visiting this web page. Please feel free to contact me with any problems that you may be experiencing at the above number or by email

For Parents

  • School Counselors have the opportunity to be in contact with students in different ways including classroom guidance lessonssmall group counseling, and individual counseling. Counselors are available to parents to provide consultation and/or referrals
    if necessary. Please feel free to contact your school counselor with any questions or concerns about your child or the school
    counseling program.
    If a student meets with the school counselor, it does not mean that the student is in trouble!
    How can a student meet with a school counselor?
    • Parents/Guardians may request their child see the counselor (call me, email or send a note to school with your child)
    • A staff member may refer a student to the counselor
    • The counselor may invite your child to talk
    • Your child may request to talk with the counselor