Health Services

  • Welcome to the Big Creek Elementary Elementary School Clinic web page for information to guide you to the functions of the clinic as they pertain to the state of Ohio and the Berea City School District. We inspire excellence in education therefore promoting a healthy life in the classroom and at home.
    Our School Health Specialist is Andrea Dolder.

    The clinic is open from 9am-3pm school days but you may always call the direct phone number above to leave a message and be called asap in response to questions or concerns. In the clinic we maintain all student's immunization records, track all required medical information required by the state as well as conduct vision and hearing screenings for all pre-schoolers, kindergartners, new students, and grades 1 through 5. Referrals are only made if your child fails to pass required standards after two screenings. Any sick or injured child will be attended to and will be evaluated as to contagiousness or seriousness to determine if they will go home or be able to stay in class and do their work comfortably. A student must be free of fever ( 100 degrees or more), vomiting or diarrhea , or a rash for 24 hours before returning back to class.

    Our goal is to keep the children in class as much as possible and as healthy as possible so as to maintain as excellent attendance record. Sometimes children do require medication administration while at school and by completing a med form with your doctor which is found in the clinic, we can accommodate your needs. Through constant updates and inservices, current health issues will always be communicated by an occasional note home. We all look forward to a healthy and academically successful school year.