• Big Creek Elementary School
  • Building Information
    7247 Big Creek Parkway
    Middleburg Heights, Ohio 44130
    Fax: 216-898-8562
    Principal: Mrs. Katie Rolland 
    Assistant Principal: Mr. Pete Carnabuci
    School Hours
    9:00 a.m. Students enter building
    9:10 a.m. Tardy bell rings
    3:40 p.m. Car riders, walkers, and extended care dismissed
    3:50 p.m. Dismissal bell for bus riders
    (8:50 a.m.-9:10 a.m. Breakfast students only)
    Attendance Information
    If your child is going to be absent from school, you must call the main office at 216-898-8303. Please leave the student's name, teacher's name, and reason for their absence. If we do not receive a call, office personnel will contact parents.
    Tardy Information
    Please remember our first bell rings at 9:00 a.m. and students will be marked tardy if they are not in their classes by 9:10 a.m. 
    (School Hours and Tardy Information Updated June, 2018)
    ExtendEd Program/Summer Day Camp
    Direct Line - 216-267-2326

News & Announcements

  • Please review the list below for our kindergarten classroom assignments.

    These lists will also be shared at

    Kindergarten Orientation

    Wednesday, August 28th at 9:30am


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    A Kaustubh KG Mr. Cook
    A Jaxon KG Mr. Cook
    B Alina KG Mr. Cook
    C Rocco KG Mr. Cook
    D Shivang KG Mr. Cook
    F Gary KG Mr. Cook
    H Ruiying KG Mr. Cook
    M Shri KG Mr. Cook
    M Mason KG Mr. Cook
    P Thanvi KG Mr. Cook
    R Kavish KG Mr. Cook
    R Brycen KG Mr. Cook
    S Parthiv Reddy KG Mr. Cook
    S Jason KG Mr. Cook
    S Kathyayani KG Mr. Cook
    V Ngan Ha KG Mr. Cook


    B Marcus KG Mrs. Demaline
    B Ariana KG Mrs. Demaline
    C Donevan KG Mrs. Demaline
    D Nathaniel KG Mrs. Demaline
    F Cora KG Mrs. Demaline
    F Jack KG Mrs. Demaline
    H Bryson KG Mrs. Demaline
    H Allison KG Mrs. Demaline
    L Lillian KG Mrs. Demaline
    M Joseph KG Mrs. Demaline
    M Mallory KG Mrs. Demaline
    N Jackson KG Mrs. Demaline
    O Bryce KG Mrs. Demaline
    O Carter KG Mrs. Demaline
    S Lucas KG Mrs. Demaline
    S Hayley KG Mrs. Demaline


    D Jude KG Mrs. Kilbane
    F Kaydence KG Mrs. Kilbane
    J Larissa KG Mrs. Kilbane
    K Ezra KG Mrs. Kilbane
    K Nikolaos KG Mrs. Kilbane
    L Gabriel KG Mrs. Kilbane
    M Boe KG Mrs. Kilbane
    M Dartanyen KG Mrs. Kilbane
    N Thaira Solenn KG Mrs. Kilbane
    O Zane KG Mrs. Kilbane
    P Matthew KG Mrs. Kilbane
    P Emily KG Mrs. Kilbane
    P Bentley KG Mrs. Kilbane
    Q Logan KG Mrs. Kilbane
    S Logan KG Mrs. Kilbane
    T Zachary KG Mrs. Kilbane


    B Khendall KG Mrs. Lazarus
    B Lydia KG Mrs. Lazarus
    B Anish KG Mrs. Lazarus
    C Jonathan KG Mrs. Lazarus
    F Yianni KG Mrs. Lazarus
    G Camden KG Mrs. Lazarus
    G Noah KG Mrs. Lazarus
    G Weston KG Mrs. Lazarus
    J Shrenya KG Mrs. Lazarus
    K Keegan KG Mrs. Lazarus
    O Adel KG Mrs. Lazarus
    P Avyan KG Mrs. Lazarus
    R Akshith KG Mrs. Lazarus
    S Mohamed KG Mrs. Lazarus
    S Rehan KG Mrs. Lazarus
    S Samantha KG Mrs. Lazarus
    Y Poorvika KG Mrs. Lazarus


    A Alicia KG Mrs. McDonald
    B Theodore KG Mrs. McDonald
    B Nicholas KG Mrs. McDonald
    F Hannah KG Mrs. McDonald
    G Pranav KG Mrs. McDonald
    G Jaxon KG Mrs. McDonald
    K Jayden KG Mrs. McDonald
    N Noah KG Mrs. McDonald
    R Kennedy KG Mrs. McDonald
    R Christian KG Mrs. McDonald
    T Ashwin KG Mrs. McDonald
    V Valerie KG Mrs. McDonald
    V Ella KG Mrs. McDonald
    W Aiden KG Mrs. McDonald
    W Chase KG Mrs. McDonald
    Z Brooklynn KG Mrs. McDonald


    B Jerre KG Mrs. Schaefer
    B Aerabella KG Mrs. Schaefer
    C Samuel KG Mrs. Schaefer
    D Melody KG Mrs. Schaefer
    E Paige KG Mrs. Schaefer
    F Zaria KG Mrs. Schaefer
    H Vincent KG Mrs. Schaefer
    L Ryan KG Mrs. Schaefer
    M Aarush KG Mrs. Schaefer
    R Josiah KG Mrs. Schaefer
    R Kaidence KG Mrs. Schaefer
    R Dominic KG Mrs. Schaefer
    S John KG Mrs. Schaefer
    T Logen KG Mrs. Schaefer
    W Tyler KG Mrs. Schaefer
    W Lucas KG Mrs. Schaefer
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