English Language Learners Program and Support Services

  • ELL Procedures Handbook

    The ELL (English Language Learners) Program was implemented in the Berea City School District in 1967 in order to meet the diversified educational and cultural needs of students who are learning English as an additional language.   The purpose of the ELL program is to provide intensive instruction to support English language acquisition for ELL students.  Students enrolled in the ELL Program come from a variety of cultural, linguistic, socio-economic and academic backgrounds.

    The number of students enrolled in ELL program has increased dramatically each year, with students coming from countries all over the world.  In 2008-09 there were 100 students who were active in the ELL program. Those 100 students were from 25   different countries.   26 different languages were spoken by the students with the most predominate languages being Arabic, Spanish, Hindi, Russian and Telugu. 

    ELL students may be from other countries or born in the United States.  Those from the United States have lived in non-English speaking environments.


    (Berea-Midpark Middle School and Brook Park Memorial)

    Mrs. Diane Cola
    (Big Creek Elementary)

    (Big Creek, Brookview & Grindstone Elementary Schools) 

    Mr. Jose Otero

    (Berea-Midpark High School and Berea-Midpark Middle School)