Student Family Support Specialists

  • The Student and Family Support Specialists (SFSS) supports BCSD Families by providing counseling, access to community resources and building connections that enhance and promote student success.

    The Student and Family Support Specialists (SFSS)  are devoted to assisting students' ability to excel in all areas of life by supporting students' mental health and bridging the gap between school, home and the community.

    Student and Family Support Specialists recognize the importance of developing and maintaining successful partnerships between the family, the school and the community. We understand that successful partnerships are developed when those involved recognize and accommodate differences among families, communities and cultures. 

    It is our philosophy that the primary responsibility for the development and well-being of children lies within the family structure, therefore we strive to enable the family to build on their own strengths and capacities in promoting the healthy development of their children.


    • Counseling (group and/or individual)
    • Working with parents to facilitate their support in their child’s school adjustment
    • Assisting families in accessing and utilizing school and community resources
    • Crisis Intervention
    • School and Community Programs
    • Building bridges between the Home, School and Community
    • Lending Library
    • AND MUCH MORE!!!

    Berea City School District Families

    If you need help and do not know where to start, please contact the Student and Family Support Specialist at your child's school.

    Big Creek Elementary, Courtney Sadkowski at 216-898-8303 x 5144 or

    Brook Park Elementary, Megan Patterson at 216-898-8307 x 7005 or

    Grindstone Elementary, Courtney Sakowski at 216-838-8305 x 6594 or

    Berea-Midpark Middle School, Chris Henderson at 216-676-8400 x 8739 or

    Berea-Midpark High School, Alysia Montanez-Yorko at 216-898-8900 x 5133 or

    Berea-Midpark Middle School & Berea-Midpark High School, Sheryl DiLalla at 216-898-8900 x 4785 or