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Family First Nights

family first

Berea City School District partnering with our communities and local businesses to put our families first.

On November 11, 2019 and March 16, 2020, families can have a night to spend time together without any school commitments. There will be no school assignments, athletic practices, and no after school activities to encourage BCSD families to spend quality time together. Our staff will also be encouraged to leave at the end of their day so that they,  too, can go home and spend time with family. We hope our families will plan to eat dinner together, play a board game, read a book aloud, or take a walk as a family. The goal is for our families to be purposeful with their time and appreciate one another.

We all know strong families make our community, schools and, most importantly, our students more successful. We hope you’ll join Berea City Schools in celebrating our Family First Nights!

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