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Follow up on incident at BMHS


February 7, 2020

To our BCSD community,

While it is advisable to keep matters of student discipline private, an incident at our high school on Thursday, February 6, 2020 presents an opportunity for parents to remind students about the danger of anyone owning or possessing weapons, facsimile weapons, including BB guns, pellet guns, and plastic toy guns.

Two students followed our safety protocols and reported seeing a weapon in a student's vehicle that drove up to them outside the school in the parking lot on Thursday, February 6. Because of their vigilance, we were able to identify the student and contact the Berea Police Department. As a precaution, Berea-Midpark High School was placed in a soft lockdown, allowing classes to be conducted as usual. Due to the student’s residence being near Grindstone Elementary School, the elementary school was also placed in a soft lockdown as ordered by the Berea Police Department as a precaution. Berea Police swiftly apprehended the student and found a pellet gun in possession of the student.

The weapon was never inside our schools. There was no imminent threat to our students and staff. While we cannot release the details of this student’s discipline, know that this matter is being taken very seriously.

Our goal at Berea City School District is not only to keep students safe, but also to keep them focused on learning. We are therefore asking for your help in quelling any rumor associated with this incident and talking with your child generally rather than specifically about it as you feel appropriate.

Together, we can reinforce Berea City School District’s intolerance for anything that poses a threat to student safety. Thank you for reminding your children of the serious consequences that can result when students have access to weapons, and in this case a pellet gun, as both are seen as real and pose the same danger to the child and others. Please also remind your children if they See Something, Say Something.

Anyone can anonymously report anything that is suspicious or endangering you, your friends or your school. Text or call 844-SAFEROH (844-723-3764).


Tracy L. Wheeler