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An Important Message from the Berea City School District

The Titans “fist” logo was designed as one of four new Berea-Midpark High School Titans logos as part of the rebranding when Berea High School and Midpark High School merged in 2013.

In 2012, students in grades 7 through 10 voted online for one of four mascots, ultimately selecting the Titans. The art department then designed multiple Titans logos, including the fist. When the fist was designed, there was never any intent for anyone to believe that it had anything to do with race. It focused on the number 5 representing 50 years of proud tradition at Berea and Midpark. Each finger represents a stakeholder in the district: students, teachers, administrators/support staff, parents, and the community. A closed hand is stronger than an open hand, that we’re stronger together than when we are open and apart.

If we have learned anything over these past few months, we have learned how important it is to listen and to understand perspective. Staff members expressed their concern with the logo and what they feel it represents.

At the July 14th Board meeting (, we began our conversation on how we would move forward with addressing these concerns. At no point did we discuss that the current usage of the logos in the district would need to be replaced or funds would be used to immediately replace them. Over time, when things need to be replaced, that would be when we phase out the current logo and look to use new/different ones. Again, there are three other approved Titans logos that the District currently uses. The gym floors at our new buildings incorporate the Titans “T” logo.

There will be a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee re-established this fall. As discussed at the Board meeting, the first task of the committee will be to look at the logo and come up with an idea of how we would still be able to use it. That committee will be comprised of students, parents, staff, administrators, and community members. They will decide how we go about making any changes to the logo.

As also discussed at the Board meeting, we are not asking anyone who has purchased items with the logo not to wear or use them nor are we asking businesses not to sell merchandise already printed with the logo. The District has sent information to our vendors who are approved to use our logos not to print them for the time being until we have the chance to revisit it. This needed to be done now since this is the time of year that our teams, clubs, etc. begin to design new gear.

This will be an opportunity for us to listen and respect the perspective of others as we involve our stakeholders in the discussion about the logo and make a decision about how we move forward.