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Get to know the "Voice on the Phone"

Every day, we have staff who take numerous phone calls from parents, community members, and colleagues. They are the “Voice on the Phone” and in many cases, one of the main contact points for our schools and departments. We appreciate everything they do to ensure our schools and departments run smoothly and we want to shine the spotlight on them. We also want to let our community “see” and get to know our “Voice on the Phone.”
Geraldine Kretschmar - 01/06/2021

Geraldine Kretschmar started as a substitute employee in 1987. She then was hired to work at Smith School in the Adult Education/Community Service Department as an Office Assistant. Beginning in 1990, she spent the majority of her years as the Administrative Assistant to the Principal at Ford School until it closed. She currently is the 5th grade Administrative Assistant at Berea-Midpark Middle School.

In 2019, she was recognized by Berea-Midpark Middle School as the Classified Professional of the Year and also by the Berea Board of Education for her dedication and commitment to what it means to “Be A Titan.”

Working at Berea-Midpark Middle School gives her the opportunity to interact with staff, families and the community by phone and in person.

"I LOVE WHAT I DO...helping the staff, parents, and students throughout the day...and all that entails. There is no job I'd rather have. I've met so many wonderful parents and students, and have worked with so many great administrators, teachers, and other staff members over the years. Truly blessed throughout my career and it's not over yet!"



Sharene Klink - 12/16/2020
Sharene Klink has been a part of BCSD for 5 years. She currently is an Administrative Assistant with our Preschool Department. She previously worked in the BMHS Attendance Office.
Working at Brook Park Elementary School gives her the opportunity to interact with staff, families and the community by phone and in person.
"I enjoy watching the kids grow throughout the years. A sweet word or funny anecdote from a student are things I will remember forever."
She's also a mom of two boys in the district. Outside of work, Sharene likes to adventure travel with her kids.