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Berea-Midpark Art Students Accelerate to Success at the IX Center Piston Power Auto-Rama

Berea-Midpark Art Students Accelerate to Success at the IX Center Piston Power Auto-Rama!
In April, Berea-Midpark High School's art students rolled into the IX Center for the Piston Power Auto-Rama. Invited to take part in the Summit Racing High School Pedal Car Competition for another year, our students stepped up and delivered, winning 1st place with their creative "Frankenstein" inspired Hot Rod pedal car.
The excitement didn't end with the competition. The high school was also given a generous amount of space at the IX Center to display additional automotive-themed art projects. This year's exhibition included a 1957 GMC "Sinclair Oil" truck hood, a 1989 Ford Mustang "GT Racer Style" car hood, an Oil-Eating T-Rex Skull, and a Cool Wax Pumpkin Pie with a race car doing a donut on top. The display also included automotive photography and a variety of "Gas Station" themed coffee mugs, each contributing to a captivating showcase of the students' talent and art.
Key contributors to these projects were Katherine Errington, Olivia Reddish, Max Silva, Ava Bramante, Aden Ewing, Alyssa Matousek, Aaron Rupp, Rachel Stamper, Noah Finley, and the students from the Airbrush 2 classes. Their effort and creativity not only brought these projects to life but also proudly highlighted Berea-Midpark High School's presence at one of our area's most anticipated annual events.
A special thanks to the makerspace crew of Vicki Turner, Sam Gunther, Lori Rodriguez and Jill Corrigan for all their support and assistance with the projects.