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JSA Winter Congress 2017

On February 24-26, 2017, the Northeast Junior State of America held its annual Winter Congress minutes away from our nation’s capital at the Doubletree Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia. Berea-Midpark student leaders joined hundreds of other students and teachers from across the Northeast, Midwest, and Ohio River Valley for an exciting educational experience of a student run simulation of the United States congressional legislative process.

Winter Congress lets students experience not only becoming a member of Congress, but also the thrill of having their own legislation passed by Congress or the anguish of watching their bill defeated. Students also participated in debating other student’s bills, proposing amendments to make them better, or doing their best to prevent a bad bill from passing.

Through engaging in spirited debates, Winter Congress gave students the unique opportunity to think critically, express their own opinions, and challenge the opinions of others in a tolerant, supportive atmosphere.

JSA students JSA Students

JSA Students