Please be aware that the upcoming months of April and May will include five (5) days of mandated Ohio Department of Education End-of-Course Testing.  On each day, only the students testing in their graduation mandatory courses (English Language Arts 1, English Language Arts 2, US History, US Government, Algebra 1, Geometry & Biology) will attend school at the designated testing times.  See the attached document for each day of testing, the tests being administered and the time schedules for each.  Regular daily bus transportation times will be maintained in the mornings and afternoons like any other school day.

All students enrolled in any of our English Language Arts 1 & 2, Geometry, Algebra 1, Biology, US Government, and US History courses (regular, honors, CCP, AP, Ombudsman, online, etc…) are expected to arrive promptly for the graduation qualifying mandatory testing.  Please note that on each of the indicated testing days, there are designated starting times for each of the separate tests.  On each of the days of testing, students are expected to arrive in time for each of their scheduled test starting times. 

Students and Parents please note:

  • The format of testing will be online (not paper/pencil).
  • Bring your own earbuds to listen to the test audio.
  • Cell phones must be collected and turned-off.  (maintenance of test security & preservation of WiFi bandwidth capacity)
  • Ohio Department of Education testing resources: http://oh.portal.airast.org/users/students-and-families.stml 



As a state of Ohio graduation mandate, in addition to the required academic course work and necessary accumulation of credits, students must earn a total of 18 points attained through seven State mandatory End of Course Tests: Algebra 1, Geometry, English Language Arts 1, English Language Arts 2, Biology, American History and American Government.  Students can earn from 1-5 points on each of these Tests.  To ensure students are well rounded, they must earn a minimum of 4 points in Math, 4 points in English/Language Arts, and 6 points across Science & Social Studies.  

  • Advanced 5 points
  • Accelerated 4 points
  • Proficient 3 points
  • Basic 2 points
  • Limited 1 point
  • No Score Available 0 point

Not meeting the above criteria would result in a student not earning a graduation diploma.  Refusing to participate in this Testing will only result in a score of zero (0) and no accumulation of points towards the minimum 18 needed for graduation.  This will not be permitted without signed consent of the Parent/Guardian & Principal. 

Please see the Ohio Department of Education website http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Ohio-Graduation-Requirements/Graduation-Requirements-2018-and-Beyond for further details regarding these newly mandated State of Ohio Graduation Requirements, practice Tests, and other pertinent resources.