January 2020

  • Recently, a recruiter from Edwins Leadership & Restaurant Institute came to visit the students in the Community Based Treatment Center or CBTC unit in the J. & G. Snow School. Heather Penderson told her story of getting in trouble with the law, pending jail time and overcoming a lifetime of adversity to find success at the Edwins' Training facility. Edwins recruits people who have lived through adversity, poverty and criminogenic backgrounds to offer them culinary training and a source of hope.  They train their students in "all front of house, back of house, and managerial aspects of the restaurant industry." Edwins has recently opened a bakery as part of their institution as well and is offering select students an opportunity to train there after completing their general training. Heather seemed to have inspired some of the students at CBTC to pursue the culinary arts as a career pathway.  Many of the students were familiar with the restaurant located on Shaker Square.  Since this is a local opportunity, a relationship between the CBTC staff and Edwins Restaurant will be one to foster and expand in the future.